Design Thinking

These are some of the projects I was involved in while attending the HPI School of Design Thinking

"What was originally intended as an innovation method for products and services in Stanford, has advanced to a completely new way of seeing people in relation to work, of imagining the concept of work and of posing questions about how we want to live, learn, and work in the 21st century. The appeal of Design Thinking lies in its ability to inspire new and surprising forms of creative teamwork. “We-intelligence” is the new catchword and collaboration the foundation for a new work awareness."


Visual Art




Portrait Photography


Other selected photographs (2015)


Product Photography


Conceptual Photography


Chablis Wines

Entry for a photography competition for Chablis Wines " The freshness, minerality and elegance of Chablis Wines as seen through photography". Statement:

In this series wine remains an implied element while many of the colors, tastes and textures generally associated with Chablis are literally pictured. Zesty fruits, crisp limestone and flint textures as well as a constant balance between dry and wet strongly hint at freshness and minerality; whereas the square and symmetrically arranged compositions relate to the highly balanced, and thus elegant nature of this wine.

Park im Gleisdreieck


Event Photography



Music Videos

Visuals and editing (see part 2 / 3 )



Kollektives Bewusstsein @ Rummelsbucht, Berlin (Oct 2015)


Live Visuals

Outtake from a live visuals project entitled Nature of Seeing.


Art Sponge


From 2009 to 2014 I kept a daily blog with regular articles featuring photographers, visual artists and designers. The project grew in size and scope, with eventually hundreds of artists being featured, which all can be viewed in the archives. The blog also included interviews and in-depth articles.