Some words on my path so far and a few on the one ahead.


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Growing up in a bilingual family with an obsession for travelling, I caught the itch to travel quite early-on. At 17 I left France to attend a unique international school based in Wales, part of a network of schools some call a global movement: the United World Colleges (UWC).

Based on the International Baccalaureate (IB), the two year program at Atlantic College brings youth from over 70 nationalities together on one campus. Time is split between a challenging and adaptive academic program, volunteering within the nearby communities and student-led social activities such as Model UN, focus weeks, activist groups and debates.

Eager to develop upon this highly idealistic multicultural experience, I then attended Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada to graduate with a B.A in Political Science and Communication Studies. All the while my passion for all things visual grew into a visual art and design blog known as Art Sponge, which helped me develop my eye and skill for photography, digital art and further on graphic design.

Five years ago I made my third move, this time back to Europe, to live in Berlin. The goal of building a career in visual communication has spearheaded all of my endeavours since then: alongside my recently completed B.A in Visual Communication and Graphic Design, I have studied Design Thinking, and worked as a media designer. I also contribute to the vibrant DIY nightlife in Berlin through event-organizing, set designing and live visual performances and DJing as a core team member of the collective Kollektives Bewusstsein.

Having led such a broad and somewhat unique path so far, my aim is to develop and apply my skills acquired in visual communication to problems and potentially products for which I stand and which contribute solutions to real social problems.

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